AGID Working Group for Geoethics, Pribram, Czech Republic, October 2011


On October 10-14, 2011 the traditional international section on GEOETHICS was organized in the framework of the 50th Jubilee Mining Pribram Symposium as a regular meeting of the Working Group for Geoethics (operating since 2004 under the umbrella of the Association of Geoscientists for International Development) and convened since 1992 by Dr. Vaclav Nemec (AGID Vice-president for Europe) and by Dr. Lidmila Nemcova (President of the Czech Society for Ethics in Economics).


The following group of internationally recognized experts took part in the final edition of the Declaration of the AGID Working Group for Geoethics :

  • Dr. Vaclav Nemec (chairman),
  • Professor Jesus Martinez-Frias (chairman, IUGS/COGE),
  • Professor Niichi Nishiwaki (President, Japan Society of Geoinformatics),
  • Professor Haiqiao Tan (China University of Mining and Technology, Member of GSC: The Geographical Society of China),
  • Professor F. Ludwig Wilke (former long serving member of the international committee for APCOM, emeritus professor of TU-Berlin ).


    • To emphasize the significance of geoethics in the context of facing extraordinary natural hazards and disasters in the course of recent years.
    • To incorporate a geoethical approach to needed new legal aspects (including insurance policy) and to an ethical way of thinking.
    • To strengthen the links of geoethics with the new aspects of the geosciences education.
    • To recommend the inclusion of geoethical subjects into deontological codes.
    • To emphasize the liaison with the mining engineers activities.
    • To remark a need of searching new priorities for the 3rd Millenium fitting the World Millenium Goals.
    • To recommend links for incorporating geoethics into any activity related with the abiotic world.
    • In order to avoid any misunderstanding and confusion about the character of the meeting hosted by the Mining Pribram Symposium, future meetings should use the term of the INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON GEOETHICS.

    Dr. Vaclav Nemec

    AGID Vice-president for Europe

    Head, AGID Working Group for Geoethics