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MARiNET, a SPANISH-language list of  MARINE ENVIRONMENT AND RESEARCH topics focused as a platform point to disseminate information within the IBEROAMERICAN countries. MARiNET aim is to auspicie a useful electronic tools to link citizens interested in preserving marine environment and governement organisations dedicated to marine research and managenment. The main scientific discussion topics pursuits within MARiNET are the next: marine research trends, past and future; ecological man-induced and natural disasters affecting beach, marsh, estuary, ría, delta and bay coastal environments; heavy metals concentrations and mine/urban/industrial waste pollution in coastal areas; Submarine national parks and marine reserves; Marine research in the Antarctica, ecological impacts; Artificial  reefs; Oceanic geostrophic currents; Primary marine productivity;  Fishering stocks; Marine mamals; Organic matter transfer processes; benthic living organism near oil and gas seeps; Aquiculture; Submarine canyons and upwelling currents; Cables wire, slopes and environment problems; Marine resources; Extreme living organisms; Submarine vulcanism; Hidrate methane released and climate changes; Oil platforms future and contamination levels; Sea level and climate change (past and future); Geographic Informations Sytems (GIS) and Satelite uses in Oceanography; New marine technologies; The Sea: Science and Mitology  (The Bermudas Triangle,  The Atlantida, Tartessos, etc); Open Channel Services (AlertMAR) to ecological marine disaster; Oceanographic cruises information; meetings and congress.

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